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The Caribbean is famous for its unbelievable natural and cultural beauty. There were beautiful beaches, impressive casinos, mountains, waterfalls, forests, caves and attractive vistas. National parks protect exotic wildlife and plant life.

Planning is the most important thing before starting your tour. Before the trip, you should research what areas of islands are best for you. Limit your final destination, activity, and accommodation decisions, and make your purchases finally.

There are plenty of choices for booking a trip to the Caribbean. Online booking is also possible. Online customers often get better deals than by calling directly the airline or hotel, because hotels and airlines are often tailored meet to special needs. You should be aware of the possible hidden charges. Another way to book a trip to the Caribbean is through a travel agent. Walking just into any agency is not the best method. Mostly agents cater to worldwide and business travelers. You can also book a trip through Internet travel agents.

Any time of the year is a fine time to visit the Caribbean. The county enjoys reasonable temperatures and cool breezes. There is rarely a hurricane threat on the main lands. The peak season for tourism in the Caribbean is winter. Hotels charge their maximum prices during this season and reservations need to be made well in advance. During the off season, you can take benefit of reduced hotel and air travel prices. The weather varies from island to island in the Caribbean.

If you are looking for a fast trip, air travel is the perfect choice. You can even book airline transportation along with your lodging for a package deal. If you want to enjoy the journey part of your vacation, a relaxed ocean journey is the way to go. Within the Caribbean, there are numerous transportation options to suit all tastes and budgets. Renting a car may offer the most freedom. But in many Caribbean islands, cars are not recommended as your chief form of transportation due to road hazards or local driving ordinances that can be strange to foreign drivers. Taxis or buses are your best transportation bet.

You need not worry about accommodation in the Caribbean. Attractive inns, historic plantation houses, rural camping sites, luxury villas, all inclusive resorts, and full service hotels – all have something uniquely Caribbean to offer.

Top 10 Tips For Hassle Free Travel | techangestnet.ga

I have put together some tips to make travelling less stressful for the seasoned voyager.

1. Choose your method of travel wisely.

What mode of transport you decide on can vary depending on the type and length of journey. Long trips are obviously taken by plane, but shorter one might be easier by train, or maybe automobile. When trying to work out which to choose, you should consider factoring the time it takes to get to the airport, as well as time spent in the check in line or passport control. The weather is also a deciding factor. It wouldn’t be the first time that poor weather delayed a flight.

2. Take into account flying from or to a different airport in the same area. Sometimes an alternative airport within the same city can have less bookings and also less delays.

3. Get Your Maps Before You Leave Home

Research your destination before you leave by getting maps. There are a number of websites online to do this, like City Search (http://citysearch.com/) or even Googlemaps. You can print them of and then I recommend keeping them in a plastic sleeve to protect them from the element, in case you have to check it on a rainy street corner.

4. Avoid Carrying Hard Copy

Rather than carrying large piles of brochures or sales letters, take electronic documents on diskettes and have them printed at a local printing service. Similarly, if you are working a booth in a trade show, it’s a good idea to carry electronic documents in case you run out of the stack you shipped from the office.

5. Contact your Cell Phone Company

Cellular companies are always offering new rates and deals. You should check to see whether this is the case for you. Some offer a flat rate for international calls. Finding if this is the case for you can possibly save you a lot of money.

6. Find Hotels that Cater to Business Travellers

This is important if you require certain facilities such as internet access and business machine like photocopiers or faxes.

7. Don’t Forget Your Electric Adaptors

When travelling abroad, remember to pack you voltage adaptors for your electric appliances as well as mobile phone adaptors. Any travel shop will usually have a selection for you to choose from.

8. Use a Calling Card

When you’re staying at a hotel, the phone bill can be a major expense. The cost of calling your family, checking your voice mail and checking your email is best handled by using a telephone calling card or a corporate credit card.

9. Apply for an International Driver’s Licence

If travelling outside your own country, an international driver’s license will be more readily recognized than your locally issued driver’s license. The cost is not prohibitive and in most regions, the licenses are easily obtained by showing your local driver’s license. Inquire at your local Automobile Association.

10. Protect Yourself Against Theft

One very important thing to do when you travel is to make copies of all your travel document e.g. passport and travel insurance, card cards etc… These copies should be left with a friend or family member at home. Pack your electrical equipment properly in way that doesn’t advertise them to suspecting thieves. You can buy laptop cases that hide what they are used for. Also never put important document in hip bags or back pockets.